Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Gets in the Way!

Well can you imagine being too busy to blog?  Glad to be back and I'll try to keep up to date. 

So maybe you'd like to know what I've been up to?  Since I last posted I've started doing craft shows again - 3 last fall and did ok considering the economy.   I mostly do jewerly with a few other items thrown in just so I don't get in a rut. 

I've quit working and joined the West Branch Creative Arts Society and have placed several items in the Gift Shop so stop on in sometime to check things out!  They are located across from City Hall on North Fourth Street.

And, I joined the Red Hat Society!!! A great group of women who just want to have fun!  What kind of fun?  We go to lunch, of course, and go to plays and shopping and travel - whatever our hearts delight!!!  Mostly we enjoy the company of each other.  And, this gives me another outlet for gifting some of my crafty items - a girl can only have so many things in the craft and then the room overflows!!

Check back soon and we'll chat!