Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Things Cricut * - Hints and Design Pointers

HINTS AND DESIGN POINTERS - Just get started!  For those of us that are craft challenged knowing where to start can be a big problem - personally, I begin the design process by identifying what or who I'm making the card (or gift) for and then identify the color(s) I want to use.  Sometimes a particular piece of paper will get me started on the design.  Either way, don't worry it will come together.

This month I'll be posting the design process for a Valentine's card for my husband - ever make a masculine Valentine card?   Plans are to utilize my Cricut for a majority of the card design - check back to see how it comes together.

*For those not familiar with Cricut, Cricut is a die-cutting machine that cuts shapes and designs from paper, fabric, thin sheets of metal and other media.   Basically, it utilizes various cartridges which have fonts and shapes - you select the ones you want to use and it cuts them for you.

Design Studio (DS) is software which allows you to create and save designs and cut at your leasure.  Personally, I have DS loaded on my laptop and I design while watching TV from my big comfy recliner!  Then, when I'm ready to cut and put my cards together I just take my laptop to the craft room, plug it in and go!  Ah, life is good:o)